About Me

Hello there and welcome to my page!

My name is Chauntel and I am so glad you have stopped by to read more about me. I have a passion for creating beautiful surroundings.  I have a tendency to see the beauty in almost anything.  I have a desire to make my surroundings a calm and peaceful oasis, a place to escape from the chaos of everyday life. I have a passion for all things vintage.  I am an old soul and I have known this my whole life on some level.  I have always been drawn to old houses and furniture, antique dolls, and vintage photos.

1920s LLL Mark


My creativity has evolved over the years.

Our lives and our experiences continue to shape who we are and who we become.  My life has taken many turns over the years, some good, some not so much.  These real life moments inspire me either by trying to make a good experience better or seeing the forest through the trees” so to speak.  I have gone from the little girl sewing bedding ensembles for my dollhouse, making houses out of cardboard boxes complete with cardboard furniture to the woman who uses crafts, DIY, and decorating as a therapeutic stress reliever.

Incredible Sunset LLL Mark


Make all aspects of your life beautiful.

Even in the faces of trials and tragedy, there is beauty in life.  This is my beautiful life and that I am its designer whether I am creating something to decorate my home or learning a valuable life lesson I am in charge of how beautiful my life is.  A beautiful life is not one that is blissful and perfect every hour of every day.  A beautiful life is raw and painful sometimes.  It is working every day to never take the things and people you love for granted.  It is creating a peaceful and beautiful place for you and your family to live with love and acceptance but also things that reflect who you are as an individual and a family.  My family is the center of my world, the sun I revolve around.  I get happiness from seeing them happy.

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