What I Love About Valentines Day

What I love about Valentines Day

Valentines Day, you either love it or you hate it.  The sight of all the hearts, flowers, candy, and huge stuffed animals either conjures up thoughts of romance and sweet messages on little candy hearts or you want to roll your eyes and hide until February 14th has passed.  I am a romantic at heart, always have been.  From the time I was a little girl I wanted all that silly romance with a guy bringing me flowers and a big heart shaped box of chocolates or writing me beautiful poems of love, the thought just always made me smile and feel really happy.  So what did I do when I grew up?  I married a cowboy without a romantic bone in his body but he would offer me something much deeper and more valuable.  I discovered that under his tough guy exterior there was a heart of gold and he is a big ol’ softie.

We developed our own brand of romance with a lot of humor mixed in.  My husband’s sense of humor has always been one of the biggest things that I love about him.  We match very well in that area.  We are always making each other laugh.  We are opposites in a lot of ways but we compliment each other very well.  We have grown together, been through so much together, and we are in such a good place now despite our current challenges.  We have learned to laugh more through the rough times.  We support each other unconditionally.  When I made the decision to start on this blogging journey he supported my choice 100% and cheers me on.  He celebrates my little victories with me.  I always do the same for him.

What I love about Valentines Day

It has been almost 18 years since we walked down the aisle but I love him more than ever.  Valentines Day to me is just another way to celebrate that, to take time to reflect on how blessed I really am to have someone who loves me and is grateful to have me and I am equally grateful to have them.  It isn’t the romance that I thought about when I was a young girl it is so much better and deeper than that.

Valentines Day is a day for celebrating love.  We don’t spend a ton of money on flowers and chocolates or anything like that.   We focus on how far we have come, how much we have learned along the way, and where we go from here.  We do those things often but using the holiday to give it extra attention is never a bad thing.  I know there are people out there who have a negative view of Valentines Day and think it is way too commercial and it can be if you let yourself get caught up in that side of things but I don’t view it that way at all.  I want to celebrate love, the love I have for my husband and my children too.  If you are single you could celebrate the love you have for your friends and family.  There are so many ways to celebrate a day focused on love that doesn’t include all the material stuff.

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?  Do you love it or hate it?

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